Direct Market Access. Always

FXCENTRAL connect you directly to the interbank market, with pricing from multiple leading FX banks. They provide pricing that is free from manipulation and free from interference.

As a result, you’ll trade in the best bid/offer environment, based on rates streamed into our trading platform, directly from these liquidity providers. No matter the size of your trade, it will be processed instantaneously in all market conditions.

No re-pricing, no re-quoting and no waiting.

  • No deal desk.
  • Instant execution.
  • One-click trading with no re-prices or re-quote.
  • Give the trader every advantage. Always

    Since we’re set up to win more when you win more, we have an overriding incentive to give you every possible advantage. While some brokers seem to adopt a "churn and burn" approach to their clients, we want you to stay and grow with us.

    We will work with you continually to provide all the tools you need to maximize your trading profits, including:

    • Advanced trading platform - reliable & fast.
    • Superior trading tools.
    • Quality educational resources.
    • 24 hour technical support. (Su-5pm to Fri-5pm).