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Frequently asked questions considering trading in MetaTrader 4

Technical issues concerning MetaTrader4 terminal


What time is shown in the FXCENTRAL Trader 4 terminal?

The trading terminal time is GMT+1.

What time does trading start on Monday and stop on Friday?

The trading terminal works on GMT +1 time. On Monday trading starts at 00:00 and stops at 23:00 on Friday.

How do I open a demo account?

СDownload the trading terminal from website. Demo-account can be opened in the trading terminal. To open a demo-account launch the terminal, in the «File» menu choose the «Open account» option. Fill in the registration form and put a checkmark in the parameter «I agree to subscribe to your newsletters». Click «Next». Choose the server FXCENTRAL-demo or FXCENTRAL-ECN if you want to open ECN demo-account (you need to install FXCENTRAL Trader 4 ECN first). After that you will get login and trader's password for the demo-account. Click «Done». Now you can use your demo-account.

Does FXCENTRAL Company allow scalping?

Yes, strategies based on short-term transactions are not restricted.

Does FXCENTRAL Company allow locked positions? What margin is charged for locked positions?

Working with FXCENTRAL you can open locked positions. Margin for locked positions is 50%.

Does FXCENTRAL allow trading using automatic trade systems/expert advisors?

Trading with FXCENTRAL you can use all types of expert advisors and ATS.

What are the differences between trading account types offered by FXCENTRAL?

The differences between trading accounts concern the following: minimum deposit, minimum lot, leverage, etc.

What spreads are offered by FXCENTRAL?

FXCENTRAL offers its clients trading with fixed spread on standard, micro, demo accounts and floating market spread on ECN and CFD accounts.

Are there any limits for leverage?

The procedure of leverage size determination is conducted in conformity with articles 3.1.19, 3.1.20 and 3.1.21 of the Client agreement. The credit leverage is set by a client himself.

When equity is less than $10 000, maximum leverage is 1:100. When equity is $10 000 - $50 000 maximum leverage is 1:200. When equity is more than $50 000 maximum leverage is 1:100.

Leverage can be changed once in 24 hours.

Do you offer Islamic accounts (swap-free)? Do you charge extra commission on swap-free accounts?

Yes. FXCENTRAL provides its Muslim clients with the possibility of swap-free trading. Swap-free service is provided in accordance to Additional agreement on the usage of islamic Trading accounts (swap‐free). Trading accounts of non-Muslim clients, who wish to trade without swaps, will be charged commission.

Will be my trading account deleted if I don't use it for some time?

If a trading account is not used by a client for 90 days, such account becomes unavailable for trading. After the specified period if a client doesn't perform any activities in relation to an account and doesn't use it, such account is archived. An account will not be archived if its balance exceeds $100, there are opened positions or pending orders on it. To make an account available again it is necessary to contact the Client support department via email asking to recover the account from archive.

If there is no deposit to the account within 10 working days after account opening, the company has the right to transfer such account to archive.

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